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Here at Ctrl Systems we understand you might not have the time to drop off your computer, or even live close by. Whatever the reason or time if you can still connect to the internet we can fix it!

Just download the software and just open a ticket here. One of our technicians will be with you shortly. Once work is completed just follow the link to pay securely with PayPal.

Some of our most popular remote services are:

Software Setup and Training

Malware Removal

Computer Speedups

Quest Diagnostics Data Breach

(Daniel Acker/Bloomberg News)

June 9th 2019

Quest Diagnostics a medical testing company based in New Jersey reported a massive data breach. The breach was caused when an “Unauthorized User” gained access almost to 11.9 million patients social security numbers.

Patient social security and billing information between August 1, 2018 and March 30, 2019 was reported compromised to Quest Diagnostics by AMCA (a payment processor for Quest).

Quest stated it has provided notice to patients whose accounts were affected, and that there is “no indication” that their information has been misused. While they say there is no indication of misuse at this time it is not a guarantee it will not happen later. After a “hacker” gains access to accounts of this volume patients might not see any activity for weeks or months. Many breaches of this size are sold on black-market auction sites, so your data might change hands a few times before use.

At this time, you should be monitoring your credit report closely and make sure to use a different password for every account. We recommend LastPass for anyone that is not current using a password manager. You can find more information on S.E.C website about the breach.

N.S.A. Warns Windows Users

The National Security Agency is urging Microsoft Windows administrators and users to ensure they are using a patched and updated system in the face of growing threats. One of the latest vulnerability found is “Bluekeep“.

What is “Bluekeep” and who does it affect?

Bluekeep is a vulnerability found in versions of Windows Remote Desktop Services (RDS). Microsoft has warned that this flaw is potentially “wormable,”meaning it could spread without user interaction across the internet. The following versions of Windows need to be patched.


Windows Server® 2003

Windows® Vista

Windows Server® 2008

Windows® 7

Windows Server® 2008 R2

Follow the link for your operating system for the patch from Microsoft’s website.

Links to downloads for Windows Vista, Windows 2003 and Windows XP Links to downloads for Windows 7, Windows 2008 R2, and Windows 2008

The official N.S.A. release can be found here

Book the perfect time for you!

Ctrl Systems is excited to offer a new way for you to pick the best time for you. Just click on the link below to start, you can book times for many of our great services.


Geek@home – Schedule your appointment today for the geek@home service! With geek@home have a professional come to your home to service device that connects to the internet. This includes but not limited to computers, phones, smart devices and even gaming consoles. Every geek@home appointment is only $60.00 for up to a hour of fixing as many devices you can throw our way!

Geek@office – Book the perfect time for us to come to your office and fix any computer/network issues you might have. After booking your time you will be contacted for confirmation of time and location.

Online Remote Support – Get your computer issues fixed no matter where your at all remotely online. Once you book your time we will reach out for further information.

Site survey for SureCall boosters – Book the perfect time for us to a on site survey for better cell phone service at your home or business. All surveys are free, we only charge for fuel any site over 10 miles away from Sulphur Springs, TX. 10 – 30 miles = $20 30 – 40 miles = $30 40 – 50 miles = $40

Computer Training – Book your one on one training today. Pick the perfect time to come in with your computer and I will answer all your questions.

Ransomware and How to beat it.

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Ransomware is a malicious software program, that once executed will encrypted some or all of the files on the hard drive. Once the files are encrypted you are meet with a random screen asking for money. It is important to know that Microsoft or the F.B.I will never do this, no matter what the screen says. This is easily found by doing a simple Google search for the company’s information. Never call the number they give you!


How to Beat It…

Once your files are encrypted, they are gone period. The way to beat it is with backups, different ones at different locations. If you do not already start to sync your important files to a trusted cloud provider, like Next Cloud, Dropbox or Google Drive. Also have a copy of your important files on a USB drive as well, with a good schedule. For example copy your files to the cloud every day and send a copy of them to your USB drive once a week.

Get Full protection with Ctrl Systems

Once your computer is encrypted it will need to be wiped clean and your operating system needs to be reinstalled. Ctrl Systems can do this service in less then 24 hours in most cases. But just like the backups we talked about above, you need to have a plan. Ctrl Systems recommends being ready before the storm, with our monthly full computer backup. Once this service is requested we make clone of your hard drive, insuring all not some of your hard drive is backed up.

The 1’s and 0’s…

With our professional service we make a copy of not only the files, but every 1 and 0 on the hard drive. With this great service just call if your hit, then 48 hours or less we will be there! After less then 2 hours you will have your computer back like it was last month. We also offer training on the doing the recovery yourself if you like. And if you get stuck we will come help you out. Get full protection today, with Ctrl Systems! To find out more leave a comment or find us on Facebook.

What is Linux?


Linux is a operating system just like Windows or MacOS, the main difference about Linux is that it’s Open Source. Open Source has many great benefits, one of those, that not one company owns Linux. So anyone can make improvements to Open Source. Once the improvement is summit, it is voted on by the software engineers. This method insures that the fastest, securest delivery of all important updates, patches and improvements.

With Linux being Open Source, it opens a window for groups of people and companys. This brings to Linux Distributions

There is a in-less amount of distributions ( also know simple as “distros”), you can visit DistroWatch to see most of them. A “distro” is the Linux operating system with preinstall programs, and different themes to fit what the user wants to do and how to do it. All while having the security, reliability and functionality of Linux. Many company’s use Linux and some have there own “distro”. Google’s ChromeOS is one of the biggest “distros”, and its just a browser! Ctrl Systems wants to give you the full computer, with our “Ctrl Your Desktop” packages. Ctrl Systems is partnered with some of the biggest “distros”. All packages installs come with 2 weeks of online support, and no more monthly cost for virus protection!